How do I use the lab?


Fees Assessed for Lab Use

Non Art Student: 25 dollars per semester

3d Printer: 12 dollars a cubic inch

CNC Mill: end mills as needed (we have some, users may want to by their own)

Laser: material provided by user

High Force Cutter: material provided by user


The Digital Fabrication lab is located in The Department of Art and Art History at Colorado State University in Fort Collins Colorado.  This lab houses a wide range of digital fabrication tools that are available for use by Students and Faculty in Department of Art and Art History. *Students not enrolled in the Art Department will be assessed a fee of 25 dollars per semester. The shop can also provide some digital fabrication services for individuals and companies not affiliated with Colorado State University at a rate of 30 dollars an hour.  For more information on these services please contact the shop manager:

*A fee has recently been established based on increased use of the lab by students outside the art department. This fee will be used to maintain and upgrade equipment.

Tools currently available in the lab include a large gantry based CNC Milling Machine,  3D printer,  laser cutter,  3D Scanner, and  high force (vinyl) cutter.

Hours and Access:

Spring Semester 2014 Monday-Thursday 8-5

Sunday 1-5